cloud fabric

A dynamically scalable,
shared-nothing data fabric
serving a low-latency,
in-memory database

In-memory queries

FQD (Functional Query Delegation) is the basis of X-Stitch's rapid query responses. In essence data is loaded into memory in an optimised format designed to provide low-millisecond responses over huge data volumes.


Data is stored and siloed in separate legal domiciles and access control and processing are strictly separated. This means that clients can ensure compliance with regard to storage and transport of their data including and beyond ISAE-3402 requirements.

Statistical Modelling

X-Stitch includes a high-performance statistical modelling library covering the entire gamut of algorithms relevant to insurance and financial modelling applications. Written from scratch in pure Scala, this integrates directly with QuanTemplate GUI modelling tools to provide cloud-scale on the desktop.

Point-in-time auditability

No data is ever overwritten or deleted in the
X-Stitch system which means that the entire state of the system can be assessed at any point in time and all user activity is logged. This is vital for highly-regulated financial services applications.

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